31 Jul | 30 days of music / art / music / personal | 2 comments

Like a lot of people, I first heard Phoenix in that party scene from Lost In Translation, the one that’s burned in my memory, the cinematic party I may as well have been a part of, so strongly do I remember it from dozens upon dozens of viewings.


10 Jul | 30 days of music / art / music / personal | 3 comments

I first heard this song as the backing track to a fan-made commercial for the iPod touch. I was intrigued by it then, but didn’t pay it much mind.

Then, a few weeks later, I saw what appeared to be the same commercial on TV. Confused that what I’d thought was a fan project was on TV and officially advertising the product, I did a little more research.

Turns out, Apple had hired the fan, Nick Haley, to direct a professional version of the commercial he’d made, licensed “Music Is My Hot Hot Sex”, and put it on the air for real. I found that inspiring.

You know what else I found? A song that makes me shake my ass.