Blog It Forward: We Could Be Heroes

Blog It ForwardSo, it’s my turn on sfgirlbybay‘s Blog It Forward wheel. Following in the footsteps of Rhonna DESIGNS, I get to tell you today about what inspires me.

Lost In Translation
Theatrical poster for Lost In Translation

My most direct inspiration usually comes from experiencing things–movies, music, books, etc–that I consider great. When I watch/listed/read/whatever these things, I Get Excited and Make Things!

We Are Words + Pictures
We Are Words + Pictures

I also get inspired by my friends and co-conspirators. I jump-started a project after the seed was planted by Matthew Sheret‘s Phonogram Vs. The Fans zine; even though that project is two months behind schedule, I received contributions to it from Matt, Julia Scheele, Katie West, Steele Tyler Filipek, Andey DeLesDernier, and a host of others. My friends make amazing things, and if I don’t make amazing things to, then I’m not living up to their standards.

xkcd: Angular Momentum
xkcd: Angular Momentum

Finally, I get inspired by love. Loving makes me want to do big, brave, bold, crazy, beautiful, stupid, exciting, romantic, artistic, cathartic, brilliant, funny, extraordinary things. Sometimes all at the same time.

Turns out it works even though I used to say no one ever wrote anything good when they were happy.

Inspiration is a funny thing. It has a way of striking when you don’t expect, and occasionally when you can’t use it. But getting it when you can’t use it is much better than never getting it at all.

To find out what inspires Richie Design, tomorrow’s Blog It Forward participant in my line, go here. Yes, I am shamed; the person following me posted their blog before I did.

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  1. victoria

    thanks so much for sharing. loved lost in translation too. it’s an all time favorite!

  2. rt.packard

    Inspiration is definitely one of those strange things that creeps up when you least expect it — for me, it’s about letting the Muse creep in on her own. She’ll decide when it’s the right time to strike you in the head and open your eyes to something new and amazing — you can never force her to.

    I, too, get hung up on books and music; friends and lovers. Anything that is a catalyst for emotion is also a jumping point for inspiration.

    I really dug the line “Turns out it works even though I used to say no one ever wrote anything good when they were happy.” I’ve definitely had that period in my lifetime — I think a lot of serious writers do — but it’s good to have moved past that. It’s a yin-yang thing: the balance of positive and negative experiences is important to the whole.