Fated to Pretend

15 May | personal / writing | no comments

As everyone knows, we are all unique. There is evidently something in everyone’s personality that makes them different and worth knowing.

Leaving aside the fact that I have never seen in most people anything that makes them worth knowing, I have to question whether this alleged “uniqueness” in fact exists.

I (on the good days) consider myself a fairly gifted person. I like to think I can write well, that I’m well-spoken, maybe funny, attractive, have opinions worth sharing, that I’m smarter than the average bear (and for that matter, the average human), and super fucking humble.

So what?

`There’s a lot more on the list of similarities between myself and the human race at large. As far as such things go, I’m a pretty standard variation.

The people who make it their business to be unique are no better off than I am. Anything counter to “normal” must necessarily be defined by what “normal” is. On top of that, the desire to be “different” is bred into us as a culture.

I say, who cares? If even the exceptional are defined by the unexceptional, then what is, in fact, the difference?

The answer is obvious, of course. The exceptional are defined by what they do that others do not. Even if what they do is, I don’t know, get photographed stepping out of a car wearing a short skirt and no underwear. Or not showering. Or being really, really ugly.

I guess some people do good things too. I’m just too bitter to point them out.

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