Pick Yourself Up and Try Again

Everyone has their own project that they’re doing, mostly, like, for themselves, you know? Just so that they can accomplish something.

Christian Flores, you are an inspiration.

Creativity as a part of my personal philosophy has been explored before in this space. I am always looking for inspiration, trying to find the next new thing to get me going. Today, that thing is watching Christian Flores bail dozens of times trying to do the same skateboard trick in the same place for no other reason than he is compelled to land it.

I understand that kind of compulsion and that kind of patience. When I am making something, there is a way it must be, and if it doesn’t reach that level, then I must keep working. As much as I always, by the nature of how I create, end up disliking my work over time, I am also fully cognizant that if I put it out, it is to a standard that I feel comfortable associating with my name.

It represents me. When I finally land that laser flip down a triple set, I know all the work was worth it. That is what is important to me.