The Warmth of My Sincerity

10 Jul | personal / writing | one comment

At a stoplight, I looked over. The minivan cab next to me had two passengers occupying a single seat behind the driver.

The girl straddled her boy. She kissed away his look of surprise and glee fiercely. She started to glide back and forth across his lap, gently but firmly.

He’s going to get some when he gets home, I thought.

She didn’t want to wait.

Reaching between her legs, she freed him and adjusted, sinking onto his lap. He looked shocked… in the best possible way.

She rose and fell against him hard enough to rock the cab. I looked at the driver; he favored me with a “What can you do?” shrug.

After a few more moments, the driver turned and spoke through the partition. The girl stopped bouncing, moving into a slow grind and a passionate kiss.

The light turned green.

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  1. Andey

    I dont take cabs