A Song That I Want Played at My Funeral | And Another One Gone

I admit right up front that I stole this particular usage for this song. It wasn’t my idea, but my best friend’s, and all due credit goes to her.

Still, it suits me, and I’ve been joking about it (SO not joking) for as long as I’ve been considering my own mortality enough to recognize that I will, in fact, someday have a funeral.

I have curious ideas about death, mostly stemming from my complete lack of religious belief and my feeling that one of the better uses for a newly dead human is donation to science.

I’m not especially reverent, such as it is, to the ceremony of a funeral. I do understand the need for closure; I am personally largely unable to process death if I don’t go to the funeral.

However, I don’t see a reason for it to be a spectacle. The big room, the casket set up under the glowing lights, the pretty verses read from the book… I get the appeal, if you are that way inclined, but I’m simply not.

For that reason, I’d like my funeral to be a fucking party. I know it would be a tragic event for those closest to me; death is not something the living tend to handle well, in my experience. Still, I am fairly certain an open bar would go a long way in assuaging that grief. Plus it would be a good legacy to leave.

But what’s a party without a good DJ? It wouldn’t take much, I don’t think, to find one with a suitably morbid sensibility to play the party, and I would think, nay, hope, that any DJ worth his salt would play “Another One Bites the Dust” in that situation. It would seem to me to go without saying.

I would prefer a celebration of life, such as it is, to be my legacy. I can’t think of a better way to set the mood than with this song.

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