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Here’s a hint: if you want me to pay attention to your musical project, involve Dan the Automator.

Dr. Octagon? Check. Handsome Boy Modeling School? Check. Gorillaz? Check. Head Automatica? Check. Solo work? Check. Hell, I even followed 75 Ark Records because of his involvement. And that’s just what I can think of off the top of my head.

So Lovage were a given, so far as my interest was concerned. Throw in Mike Patton‘s involvement, and, you know, yeah, I was pretty much in.

Even then, I didn’t expect what I got.

To say that I love Lovage is, aside from being phonetically horrific, a vast understatement.

Fairly transparently a companion piece to Handsome Boy Modeling School (Mr. the Automator uses the same pseudonym, Nathaniel Merriweather, for both projects), Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By is a work of pure carnal energy genius.

It’s not for everyone; it is, frankly speaking, a little bit stupid. In my reckoning, though, stupidity doesn’t preclude art, and when the stupidity comes over on the side of satire, I’m more than willing to forgive it.

“Sex (I’m A)” is a very strange song. It is powerfully seductive, maybe even a little sexy. But it’s also fucking hilarious. I’ve always thought so; the first time my best friend played it for me, I laughed out loud. But it wasn’t until researching this post, though, that I found the reason for its inherent comedic value: it’s a cover. Of an ’80s New Wave synthpop song. By Berlin.

Yeah. Berlin. “Take My Breath Away”.

I definitely think this song is funnier than I did before I started this project. Also? I like it better now.

And I’m not even the greatest Lovage lover in my immediate family. Ask my brother about them, he’ll tell you everything you want to know.

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  1. Billy Nitro

    That’s not entirely true, I only know their names and some of their other projects.

    I did know it was a cover of Berlin song, though. You picked a great link for Take My Breath Away, too.