Only in Dreams

14 Aug | personal | one comment

Last night: I’m so bad at Halo that I can’t even win in my own dream… and I still have fun.

Also last night: Somebody set a cigarette on my phone, causing a melt-burn on the screen. I bitched at Tony for it. He told me that it was fucked up anyway and I shouldn’t drop it so much. “But Tony, it’s a burn,” I said. “From a cigarette,” we said in unison. Obviously, I gave him a dap.

Third (dreamless), Tony once told a couple of our co-workers to fight to the death and tie so they would put each other out of our misery. That was awesome.

One comment

  1. tony

    Am I the man of your dreams? Or was this some phantom other “Tony?” I didn’t burn your damn phone, and I really wish you would stop spreading these rumors like some kind of cream cheese.