[This entry is the first for #reverb10, an online initiative to reflect on the year and manifest what’s next. Today’s prompt is to encapsulate 2010 in one word, and tell what I hope will be the word that captures 2011.]



It’s been almost a week now since I unceremoniously lost my job. I’ve only fallen asleep before 4am once in that time, and even then I was awake by 3am.

Things were going quite well. I was, for probably the first time in my life, content with all aspects of my being. Was it perfect? Not a chance. Are there several to many things that could have been improved? Absolutely. But I was happy.

A friend counseled me with the advice, “It will get better. It always gets worse before it gets better.”

“I didn’t need it to get better. It was perfectly peachy the way it was.”

24 Aug | personal | no comments

Over the winter after I first moved out of my parents’ house, the apartment in which I lived had minimal heat and even more minimal insulation. On the coldest nights, my body would warm my spot on the bed and I’d fall asleep. If I moved from that spot, the chill would awaken me immediately.

During the heat wave of the past few days, I slept with my fan pointing directly at my chest, doing everything it could to keep my core temperature cool. If I moved out of the fan’s path during the night, I was immediately awakened by the heat.

The moral of this story? Climate control is good for your sleeping habits.

14 Aug | personal | one comment

Last night: I’m so bad at Halo that I can’t even win in my own dream… and I still have fun.

Also last night: Somebody set a cigarette on my phone, causing a melt-burn on the screen. I bitched at Tony for it. He told me that it was fucked up anyway and I shouldn’t drop it so much. “But Tony, it’s a burn,” I said. “From a cigarette,” we said in unison. Obviously, I gave him a dap.

Third (dreamless), Tony once told a couple of our co-workers to fight to the death and tie so they would put each other out of our misery. That was awesome.

22 Jul | personal / writing | one comment

I woke up facing the windows, enjoying what little time I have to use my entire home as sanctuary. Outside, the bright light night was subdued by the ominous cloudcover, the same that had let it out on me and my eight million neighbors just a few hours earlier.

11 Jan | personal | one comment

I’m trying to get used to the time difference; it’s only 1:15am in Las Vegas.

Sometimes, like now, my tricky method of beating time changes by sleeping while traveling backfires. I have five hours to shower, sleep, eat, and leave the house.

I have a feeling tomorrow will be a very long day. I’ve not been well lately; I hope that some semblance of rest can change that.

No matter how I feel, I’m glad to be home. There are things here that I am only too happy to be able to return to.

30 Nov | personal / writing | 2 comments

I woke up a little late, but not too late that I was going to be late. The extra few minutes of sleep were very well received by my tired body.

The sky was overcast, but the weather was as perfect as it has ever been in my world. It was raining lightly, intermittently. The temperature was as lovely as I could have asked, just right for my sweater and jacket.