Transparent as Glass

I have been trying to be a patron of the new coffee shop on the corner of the block near my job. The coffee is good, the prices are comparable to Starbucks, and they had the stones to open up literally across the street from a Starbucks in the middle of a recession.

In the past week, I’ve whiled away my lunch break listening to scary music and writing twice (actually making progress, strangely) and spent a couple hours in the pleasant company of Matthew Sheret, curator of the surpassingly excellent Phonogram vs. the Fans, an old-school zine-like to which I happen to be a contributor.

Unfortunately, due to my current personal economic circumstances, my patronage has not extended beyond a single cup of coffee on any of these trips. But the place is clean, the decor is nice, and there are lots of tables. So I’m going to keep going back.

That’s not why we’re here, though. We’re here to talk a little more about Seven Sisters. What’s Seven Sisters, you ask? It’s the project I mentioned in my previous post. It’s going to be tough.

I originally came up with the idea in January 2007. I knew even then that it wasn’t something I was going to finish quickly; I usually take many months to make a single mix, never mind seven separate ones with very specific thematic requirements and a host of arbitrary rules that I am self-enforcing. I also disallowed myself to write any of the stories without a finished mix; the idea is that I am listening to the mix as I am writing, to help set the mood in the story.

I am writing the stories out longhand in a leatherbound journal that I got from my friends Manny and Anya for Xmas a few years ago. For anyone who knows me, it becomes abundantly clear that this is very inefficient for me. But it seems the right thing to do and is another rule to hold myself to. The rules are very important.

I’ve set an arbitrary date to be finished with the first drafts of all seven stories: September 9 of this year. To reach that goal will require writing with much greater speed than I usually do, but a deadline is what I needed, and a deadline I have.

Let’s hope I can hit it.

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