Had to Paint Myself a Hole

26 Jun | writing | 2 comments

I have started moving forward on a project that I first came up with two years ago. What do you get, I wonder, when you combine mixtapes and short stories, matching a mix to each story and loading yourself down with a host of rules and strictures to make everything go together? I don’t fucking know, and neither do you, but if we’re all lucky, we’re going to find out.

I gave myself a set of rules because I have never been happy with what I’ve done without them. I am creating themes around which to build mixes to listen to while crafting stories based on those same themes, which will eventually be accompanied by those same mixes.

This is significantly more work than you would imagine. But so far, so good.


  1. Adi

    No, I imagine this is an enormous amount of work. Especially since I heard about your mixtape rules.

    I LIKE IT, though. It intrigues me.

  2. meg

    9/9/09. brilliant date for a deadline. i’d be interested to see what songs comprise these mixtapes, as you remind me a bit of a bottle of carbonated beverage, shaken compulsively and then opened, exploding all over, well, everything.